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 June 26

by David

Lighting News!

This week we will discuss how to use and adjust Intensity to spice up your stage lighting!

4-Wall Expo:

4Wall Lighting hosted a Roadshow in Nashville, where I was introduced to some new lights and great equipment. 4Wall offers Lighting and Video Rental: https://www.4wall.com/

Elation Pro Lighting has introduced a new Smarty Hybrid that I was able to see in person at the 4Wall Roadshow.

I’m really excited about this new product, you can see the details here: Elation Pro Smarty Hybrid.

What is cool about this light is that the Smarty’s lamp is able to last 6,000-10,000 hours and it is not an LED.  Depending on what you are looking for this may be a great option for you. You can see more info here: Smarty Hybrid.

Main Segment

Last week, we briefly touched based on the 4 Letter Formula that I use to Make Great Lighting. Through this series, we will break down the 4 Letter Formula: IFCB. So be sure to check out last week’s episode: The 4 Letter Formula I Use To Make Great Lighting Design.

The Intensity is the total output control of the light. You have some great options with Intensity such as Full, Half, Out, or at 25%. Let’s explore some ways you can adjust the Intensity and change your lighting approach!

Turn on/off lights in Different Areas

One way is to turn the lights on or off in different areas of the stage. An example is turning the Intensity to half or 0 during certain parts of the show. When you want to create a big impact during part of the show change the Intensity to Full.

Lighting Position on Stage

Another way to use Intensity is to change the lighting position on stage. This option in a way falls into the focus category. For example, if you want to highlight the Drummer’s Solo. Using the Intensity to focus on the Drummer instead of leaving the entire stage lit up.

Using Effects

Creating movement in using Intensity. You can create the movement effect by chases and intensity levels during different times of the show.

Next week we will go into how to use Focus and what you can to use it for your stage lighting so be sure to tune in!


Mike the Network Guy: Has a comment in regards to our last show when we talked about using Tablets and WIFI. Mike is an engineer but also runs lights for his band. He wanted to clarify a few things and we exchanged some emails.

One of the topics we covered was Networking. Even when using better technology if the networking isn’t set up correctly your connections may go down. I actually have a course on this available for Learn Stage Lighting Labs Members: Networking for the Lighting Person

Another topic we covered was the abilities of X-Air. Mike wrote an entire article about X-Air and how to overcome some issues: X Air WiFi FAQ

Lastly, Mike did ask if I had any views Lightkey 2. Lightkey is for Macs only and so far it seems to have good reviews. From what I’ve read it is much better than any of it’s earlier version, but I have not used it myself.  They do have a Demo available here: Lightkey App.

Ezra: Can you learn lighting in a community college?

Before I go further into this I want to recommend a great podcast, Light Talk. Be sure to check this first: Light Talk Podcast.

With learning lighting in community college, you will most likely focus on Theatrical Lighting.

If this is something you’re not interested in then it may not be a good fit for you. My best recommendation is working part-time for a local church or company that has lighting production. I learned a lot about setting up, networking, etc by doing it hands on.

One of the best suggestions is to find someone that works in the lighting industry that is willing to mentor you, ideally someone who is doing what you would like to do. Also diving in and reading trade magazines listed below is a great resource.

Lighting and Sound America


Church Production

Ben: Purchasing a Chromateq LP-128 and wondering if there is a way to pair up a physical controller with the software?

You should be able to use a MIDI Controller with this software according to Chromateq: LED Player Software

I also want to recommend checking my article on How to Use MIDI controllers for lighting control.

Don’t forget to tell me what you learned today on the show! Review on iTunes here!

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