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 April 10

by Lyn

In Episode 11, David is so excited because he has a few things to talk to you about.

He is going to discuss wash in the next two episodes.

Lighting News!

Something has caught David’s eye:

Check it out -> Lighting News: ADJ Wash fixture review in Church Production: Jim Kumorek

ADJ Z100 3K on Amazon 
ADJ Z100 5K on Amazon 

Main Segment!

When should you use the different types of light?

Learn what David has to say about wash fixtures –> The Complete Guide to Stage Lighting Wash Fixtures


Burt:  Is a newbie and wants to change the color of the lights in M-PC.  He wants to know the best way to make the lights show like a heartbeat and want to know how to do this.

Joe:  Is a self-taught DMXer.  He has a problem with the lights going off and wants to know if David knows how to help. Check out this article that David wrote about DMX!

Andrew:  Wants to know how to hook up DMX and get it to trigger – Here is David’s reply!

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