April 3

by Lyn

Today, this podcast is going to be a change in how David does things. He is introducing a new segment on this podcast called Lighting News!

In this segment, he will bring you the latest lighting news for the week and share how it can affect you!

Check Out Some Of The Latest Products In This News Section:

Martin – Elation M-series 


Chamsys QuickQ

Now to get to the Main Segment!

This segment talks about troubleshooting DMX.  There are so many things that can go wrong and David wants to share his troubleshooting tips and knowledge with you!

Here is the link to this topic on Learn Stage Lighting! – https://learnstagelighting.com/troubleshoot-dmx/

DMX Splitter that I use



Ginger:  She attends a worship center that wants to get new lighting good for live streaming on the eye and the camera.

The Foundations of Church Lighting on my Products Page

Garth: Wants to use LED dimmable lights and wants to know if he can put them on a dimmer?

DMX Dimmer Packs

Richard: His church is in need of a lighting upgrade and the console is starting to have trouble and they would like new technology and to add some LED’s. He wants to know if it can all be done on one system.

Check out this link: https://learnstagelighting.com/microplex-to-dmx/

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