March 10


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This week on the podcast we’re going to discuss if you really do NEED a 3D Visualizer. It’s definitely a hot topic and we’ll e sure to explore when it’s appropriate to have and when you can do without it.

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Lighting News (1:06)

This week in lighting news, I was listening to the podcast, Geezers of Gear and the mentioned KLSTR which is a new protocol in bringing in data instead of using DMX.

It’s still a working progress but it was so interesting to listen to so be sure to check it out. More about KLSTR Tech.

Main Segment (4:20)

The main segment for today’s episode is do you really NEED a 3D Visualizer? This comes up a lot and I noticed most are looking for a low cost or even a free 3D visualizer. Some will say they don’t have the money but they need this visualizer to design their lights.

What sparked this topic for me was an Onyx user shared a MA3d workaround, other cracks, and hacks. This post was immediately taken down by the moderators as it violates the terms of use.

Just 10 years ago we didn’t have visualizers to work with so we had to create a show regardless and that’s what I want to share with you now if you aren’t working with a visualizer.

Presets or palettes are everything and allow you to pre-program colors and different looks for the stage. There’s a whole action plan inside of Learn Stage Lighting Labs on how to do this and on the fly.

So, with that, I would disagree that you have to have a visualizer to create a show because it can be done without one and you can still create an amazing show. It’s also going to help you, in the long run, to develop great skills in lighting design.

There are benefits to using a visualizer and it is a very useful tool. If you can afford it and it makes sense for your setup then absolutely. Otherwise, it’s not a must-have tool when working with stage lighting.

If you still want to work with a visualizer you can learn more about the different visualizers here: So You Want a Visualizer.

Questions from Patrons (17:50):

We have shifted our Q & A to our Patrons. If you have a question or would like to become a patron you can do this for only a few bucks a month! You can sign up at Learn Stage Lighting Patreon.

  • (18:54) Neil commented and has a question about his console and fixtures not communicating with each other.
  • (20:18) David comments and has some issues with his older Showmaster console that is now doing some random things.
  • (21:32) Richard comments about his thoughts with LightKey.
  • (23:58) Michael writes in about using a MIDI with Obey40.
  • (26:34) Vilmos writes in and would like some suggestions on getting a new console.
  • (27:42) Gary writes in and wants to know about how he can set up quickly and tips on how to get ready for setting up in different venues.
  • (29:53) Charles comments on what to do with his lights flickering.
  • (32:13) DJ LightSaber writes in and would like suggestions on lighting for a DJ setup.
  • (33:04) Justin writes in about using ELM with a MAC.

Closing (34:35)

Thank you so much for tuning in today and we will see you in the next episode where we will talk about if LED really does save you money.

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