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 March 31

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast and if you haven’t noticed yet, we’re going back to weekly podcast episodes due to everything going on in the world.

Today, we’re going to talk about if LED’s right for you and do they actually save money?

The sponsor of today’s episode is Amazon, you’ve heard of them, right? Through Amazon, if you do purchase any items from them, we would love for you to use my link, Amazon, and we get a small commission for referring you. This is a great way to help the show that we bring to you for free!

Lighting News (4:04) – Macs vs PC’s, DJ Lights by Pro Manufacturers?

In this week’s lighting news segment, I want to point out a couple of articles inside of the PLSN magazine.

One of the articles features DJ, Mr. Deadmau5, who uses a PC to run his live show. Which as a DJ that’s running the visuals and music. I found this interesting because 10 years ago, you wouldn’t see creative artists using a PC. But now, in 2020, there are many artists, churches, etc switching over to PC instead of Apple products.

Apple products are really good and there are still some hardcore fans out there. I also want to point out that PC units still have cons as well. Such as because PC’s are open, any company can make hardware for it. So, if you’re looking at a cheaper unit the quality of it will not be that great.

Another article that caught my attention is the one on DJ and disco lights. Many of the major brands that are creating more Dj and disco lights and offering those now. It’s just an interesting new trend that is making a comeback.

Main Segment (13:58) – Do LED’s Actually Save You Money? 2020 Edition

For today’s main segment let’s discuss if LEDs are right for you and can they save you money? There are a couple of things to consider before purchasing new LEDs.

If you’re a church, theater, or school that is still working conventional lighting and you’re not using the lights very often, it may not be a cheaper route to replace the lights with LED.

Some things to consider are how often are the lights being used, how many hours are being put on the lights, and are you changing the bulbs out more than once a year? More often than not, keeping the conventional lights can actually prove to be cheaper than replacing them with LEDs.

We go more into this with last week’s episode where we spoke with Bob Mentele. You can catch up on this episode here: Episode # 93

Considering the cost of the bulbs or lamps, the labor to change it, and how often would you need to change it?

If you’re looking to upgrade your current lights but the functions of the upgraded light aren’t changing then do you really need to upgrade those lights? If not, then perhaps you can upgrade different lights that would actually offer more functions that the audience would notice.

It’s not always super clear if you’re really able to save money switching over to LEDs. Conventional lights normally have a dimmer so when they’re off, they are off. With LEDs, they almost always have consistent power even after they are turned off. LEDs are getting better but unless you completely redoing your setup it may not be as cost-efficient to switch from conventional lights to LEDs.

Closing (26:26)

I hope this episode helps provide some insight into things to consider if you are looking to move over to LEDs. The sponsor of this show is Amazon, and if you’re going to be placing an order, we would appreciate it if you used our affiliate link.

Be sure to tune in next week and we will see you then!

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