Do I Need a Visualizer?

More often than ever before, events are getting cancelled and rescheduled due to Covid-19. This has also presented the opportunity for those in the event industry to not only have the time to try and learn different tools but it has also helped us think outside the box on how we usually do events.

A very valuable tool in lighting is using a visualizer. But do you really need a visualizer? In this post, we’re going to to discuss the pros and cons of using a visualizer to help you decide if it’s really the right tool for you.

The visualizer is a tool that you may often see used in my tutorial videos. It’s a 3D model of your stage and lighting rig set up. This allows you to create an event without having to do the set up work first.

Visualizing Lighting

Visualizers are a powerful tool that allows you to create your current stage and venue in a 3D layout. You can easily set up your lights and even stage stand-ins. This gives you the ability to see your lights and set up in action.

This conceptual approach provides you the ability to your ideas into action before you put in the time and effort in actually creating it on the stage.

Why You May Need a Visualizer

Whether you’re working with your church or a team, you can share your ideas for the stage by using a visualizer. This will allow everyone to see your ideas take place on the screen rather than trying to explain your ideas.

The same approach would be when you’re working with potential clients. If you want to provide a quote and actually be to show them the lights in action, rather than explaining the ideas you have. For some people, it’s easier for them to see it in person rather than them trying to visualize it in their mind.

Another common reason as to why people like to use a visualizer is the ability to pre-program their lights from anywhere and to be able to do it ahead of time. This allows flexibility and helps save time in programming the lights.

Why You May NOT Need a Visualizer

An approach I would like for people to really consider is the cost of a visualizer. This really varies case by case but you want to make sure that it makes sense for you or your team to have a visualizer.

If you are a part of a team or owning your own business, getting a visualizer may make financial sense. However, it’s important to consider whether it makes sense to invest in a visualizer or it may make better sense to invest in additional lighting or even upgrading some lights instead.

A common theme I see is a church that believes they need a visualizer. This can sometimes be a bit cringe-worthy because the stage is most likely permanent and if you work at the church you have access to those lights and the console at any given time. Is it really necessary to invest in a visualizer?

It’s so important to consider all aspects especially when you’re working with a budget. Yes, visualizers are cool and fun but is it worth the expense when you can add or upgrade your lighting?

Visualizers are starting to get less expensive, have great updated features, and for some industries they are becoming more essential. These are a great tool to have and to work with when your working in a live event and productions industry.

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