Buyers Guide – Battery Powered Wireless Pars

If you want a multi-purpose uplight and par with wireless control, here are 3 options you really want to look at and my top pick!

When you are looking at getting battery powered wireless PARS it is important to compare the products out there and decide which is right for you!

Wireless Lights

Uplighter starter units have some great benefits. You can pull them right out of the case, turn it on, do minimal (if any) setup, and you can set it on the ground and have it work. They point straight up and often have a tilt stand at the bottom to allow for minimal tilt shift.

You will find that these types of lights come in a variety of brightness, as well as a variety of cost. The ones on the less expensive end of the spectrum are geared towards DJ’s and smaller, darker rooms. Others give off a lot more brightness and are able to reach the expanses of larger venues.

Wireless PARS

Wireless PARs are a little different than the typical light. They will have wireless DMX and often come with a tiny remote as well. This remote can be used to set colors super easily. These PARs are also battery powered which helps them to last for quite a long time.

There are a ton of things that you can do with these lights in a really short period of time when you are getting creative with your show which makes them a really fantastic option.

Wifly PAR QA5

This PAR is a good PAR for the areas where you don’t necessarily need the brightest light or the most rugged casing. The build quality is not entirely bad, although not quite as good as some others on the market.

One benefit of this PAR is that is it a decent battery powered light and it does have feet so that you can potentially sit it up like an uplight if you choose and it is indeed pretty sturdy. You will get a 5watt unit with a 25 degree beam angle. The battery on this light can last up to nine hours as well.


The GAMMA Econ is a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned light but you do get quite a bit more bang for your buck to make it worth the added cost.

In this light you will get white LEDs as well in the light rather than just colored. Having the white is really beneficial because it allows more versatility when it comes tp use. Rather than simply using it for an uplight you have the wider option to use it as a stage light or back light as well.

Another couple great features of the GAMMA is that it is waterproof to suit your outdoor needs. It also has 6 12watt LEDs to boost the brightness. This light has a longer life span as well, lasting 20 hours or so per use (8+ hours with every color on). The fan free design allows for quiet use which is highly desirable for indoor venues.

You will find the antenna on the interior of this design rather than on the outside which helps prevent breakage and allows for a sleeker look.

Chauvet EZlink Q6BT

The Chauvet runs a bit less expensive than the other two light options we mentioned and you still get great features for the cost. This light comes with Bluetooth setup, so you won’t get the wireless DMX but you do get the Bluetooth option and the cost is cheaper.

Other than the lack of wireless DMX setup this unit is quite similar to the ADJ model. You will get 18watts of LED which is a bit less than the others but still workable.

Quick Comparison

If you are trying to find the cheapest light option and don’t need wireless DMX the Chauvet may be the way to go for you.

If you are wanting something brighter and don’t mind spending a little more money then the QA5 may be your best option and you will get the wireless DMX option with this setup.

All around, the best value option is the ECON PAR from GAMMA. You get a light that is comparable to pro level design and efficiency for a really reasonable price.

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