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 June 23

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to episode 102! Today we’re going to cover a few different topics. During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is going through so much with life and their careers. But throughout the world, some countries seem to be slowly opening back up. There may be a light at the end of all of this in the future.

In today’s episode we’re focusing on you and answering your questions. Today’s sponsor of the show is Amazon. If you’re placing an order through Amazon, be sure to just follow this link before ordering. It doesn’t cost you any extra and helps gives us a little commission for the show.

Main Segment (3:05):

Since the pandemic has taken place, there are still news and product developments taking place in our industry. That’s what I want to cover today as I’ve had some magazines and articles building up on my desk over the past couple of months.

  • The Light Source: The Light Source has a new gym light cage that ships so much easier and comes with some very neat features. When you think a product can’t be improved, somebody will come up with a way to improve it.
  • PLSN Magazine: 2020 Virtual Show Report for a huge tradeshow that didn’t take place this year. It walks through different products that would have been announced. More stand-alone consoles are being brought into the market.
  • New ADJ Par: A new par has been introduced by ADJ, it’s the ADJ MOD STQ which is a compact par that has 4 different beam angles.
  • City Theatrical DMXCAT: Works over DMX and you can use RDM to make changes. They’ve made some new updates to their product and app.

Closing (20:30):

That’s all that I have for your today. The world is still in a tough place with COVID-19 but there are is a light at the end of the tunnel and some places are starting to open back up.

Please stay safe, use this time to learn about different topics, and we’ll see you here in a couple of weeks!

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