A Good $25 LED Par? Eliminator Mini Par RGBW Review

A good $25 LED Par? Eliminator Mini Par RGBW Review

In this post, I want to share my honest review of the Eliminator Mini Par RGBW. The cost of the unit originally caught my attention but as I started using I was really impressed with how well it functions.

I have heard of the brand Eliminator, but last year at the LDI Tradeshow I was able to meet the brand and get to see their products. That’s when I was introduced to the Eliminator Mini Par RGBW.

They had mentioned the mini par had been receiving some great reviews for an entry-level product. Also, there weren’t very many technical issues or failures being reported back to the company, which is always a big concern with less expensive gear!

The Features

What originally caught my attention about this unit is the cost of it. You can find this unit online for roughly $25 – $30 for a 12 watt RGBW Led Par with a 25 Degree Beam Angle. I don’t normally use a low wattage light but to me that is very impressive for the cost.

Unboxing the Unit

When you receive the unit it comes in a standard box and like any usual unit, there is some assembly required.

Originally, I was concerned about the layout of LED’s and was wondering how the color mixing would look on it. But when I hooked up the unit and began using it I was impressed with how it looked.

The power cord is built into the back of the unit and comes with a 4′ – 5′ foot power cord. Like in most units you have the DMX Input and DMX Output. Lastly, there is the standard LCD menu screen as well.


Of course I wish the unit had come with a gel frame and other cool features but I had to remind myself that this is a $30 unit. The price alone really sets the unit apart but what about the functionality?

As I mentioned earlier I was concerned about the color mixing but as I had it running through the color scenes the transition between the colors were really good. Even hitting the color mixes the color fringing was not an issue.

This unit does have a cooling fan built into it which I wasn’t surprised to find. Unlike most cheaper units the fan on the unit was surprisingly quiet.

What Sets it Apart

Again, the price of the unit is what I like the most about it. But also what the unit is capable of doing is very impressive.

The Eliminator brand is now apart of the ADJ Group which means they known as the little brother. So, what you get from that is the support of a large company and rest assured that you will get the quality control as well as the warranty as if you were purchasing this from a larger company.

Who is this Good For?

If you are someone that is considering buying a no-name brand fixture off of Amazon, I would highly recommend checking out this unit because at least with this unit you will know that you can get the support and warranty promised for it.

This unit is perfect for those looking for a low cost alternative as well as those that may be working with a smaller stage. If you’re just starting out as a DJ, working with events, or even weddings this unit mat be a great fit for what you want to do.

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